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Advanced Sensors Strain Gages FAQ

  1. Why are we discontinuing certain Micro-Measurements strain gages (strain auges) and replacing them with new next-generation versions?
    Micro-Measurements (M-M) has launched its next-generation strain gages (strain gauges) built on Advanced Sensors (AS) technology. These strain gages are designed to meet the growing market demand for precise and accurate transducer measurements. This new concept in next-generation strain gage design achieves the following attributes:
    1. Tighter electrical resistance and bridge balance tolerances.
    2. Higher gage-to-gage repeatability and improved temperature tracking.
    3. Broader resistance offerings and more complex grid geometries.
    4. Design capabilities for very small strain gages (strain gauges) (as small as 1mm x 1mm grid area).
    Micro-Measurements strain gages (strain gauges) are the world leader in accurate, reliable strain measurement and have been used to build the highest-precision transducers for over 50 years. M-M Advanced Sensors technology improves process capabilities and now raises the bar for strain gage (strain gauges) performance.
  2. What are the differences in strain gage (strain gauge) construction between classic Micro-Measurements Transducer-Class gages and the new Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors gages?
    M-M Advanced Sensors products use the identical key materials used in classic M-M strain gages (strain gauges) (same resistive foil, backing materials, adhesives, etc). The main differences are in the grid design concept as well as the manufacturing process.
  3. Will there be pricing changes?
    Our goal is to provide improved performance gages while maintaining existing prices to our customers.
  4. Can I get any M-M Transducer-Class strain gage (strain gauge) as an M-M Advanced Sensors version?
    Initially, we have developed M-M's Advanced Sensors strain gage (strain gauge) portfolio targeting the high-volume designs. In the near future, we intend to transition more of the existing items, as well as new designs, to the new M-M Advanced Sensors technology. Of course, any customer request for new designs or for transitioning existing designs will be reviewed.
  5. Can I get custom M-M Advanced Sensor designs and, if yes, what are the set-up charges?
    All custom strain gage (strain gauge) requests for M-M's Advanced Sensors will be considered. A one-time Engineering setup charge may apply and it will vary based upon the complexity of the new design.
  6. Can I get constantan and Karma alloys?
    M-M's AS gages are offered in both constantan and Karma, in all STCs and modulus compensations.
  7. Is there an Advanced Sensors strain gage (strain gauge) with RTD capabilities?
    Yes. Our Sensor Gage product features a strain gage (strain gauge) and embedded resistance temperature detector (RTD) on the same substrate to simply device layouts while meeting market demand for precise and accurate strain measurement.
  8. What is the expected lead time for the new AS gages?
    Lead time for standard M-M Advanced Sensors is typically 8-10 weeks after receipt of an order.